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The Importance of a Medical Examination After a Motor Vehicle Smash Up

An accident can occur anywhere and the most important thing to do after an accident is head to the ER to get an examination done by a medical professional to help assess the damages after most auto accidents.

However, oftentimes, the car accident victims do not notice any severe injuries on the outside and decide to go home hoping that things are going to get better.

Little do they realize is that the accident can cause internal damage without the symptoms showing up immediately and there can be a delay in pain too.

Your Insurance Company Should Pay for a Medical Exam Following an Accident

  • Victims Must Seek Medical Treatment Immediately after a Car Accident
  • Assessing Patients in the Wake of Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • To Seek Compensation from the Insurance Company

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Victims Must Seek Medical Treatment Immediately after a Car Accident

Conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder, spine injury, and more develop after a while slowly getting worse and those who avoid going to medical in the worse place make matters worse for themselves later on. Discovering an injury early on can help you avoid all the pain and suffering that may come later if you prolong your visit to the doctor after suffering a car accident.

Many automobile accident victims avoid going to the doctor after an accident if they feel fine as they don’t want to spend money on different types of tests. However, they often fail to forget that there are guidelines for doctors to follow to help assess patients, whether they require emergency treatment or an x-ray after a motor vehicle accident or not.

Assessing Patients in the Wake of Motor Vehicle Accidents

There are always obvious signs of injury and trauma. Before a doctor recommends an emergency room receive extensive treatments or radiology scans, they assess the patients to determine the severity of any injuries sustained and prognosis for repair or recovery. (Diagnosis examples include spine damage, cervical neck strain, sprain fracture, infection, strained tendons, pulled muscles, minor or major swelling, and other disorders).

The patient is initially asked important questions by a trained physician that cover causation. The physician will ask about the accident scene, and even the ambulance ride to help diagnose the injuries suffered using X-rays, a CT scan, and other visual methods. (immediate care helps avoid long term complications, or making your injuries progressively worse after suffering a car wreck)

The patient will explain the biomechanics of the crashed vehicles to make the doctor aware of the extent of force and angles experienced by the victim’s body will demonstrate. All this helps document the impact and injuries in the medical records. This evidence and other documentation are used to help diagnose visible injuries and hidden injuries to the naked eye will be used in your settlement demand package later.

If the injuries are to the head, then the doctor looks for different signs or questions the patient in regard to the following:

  • Headache: Up to 78% of mild traumatic brain injury patients have a headache when they walk to the hospital to seek medical care. Headaches in severe accidents can be life-threatening as it can be the case of subdural hematoma, injuries to the vertebral arteries, or any other serious complication. However, at times these headaches can be from stress or the emotional trauma associated with the auto accident.
  • Epidural hematomas: Around 10% of the patients experience epidural hematomas and in such cases, a patient will either lose consciousness when the incident occurs or have an altered behavior after the accident. Further symptoms may develop slowly like headaches, dizziness, vomiting, and lack of awareness. This is due to blood accumulation that shifts the brain a bit leading to a drop in consciousness and soon, death. Patients must seek medical treatment immediately while doctors will refer them to the ER after the medical evaluation.
  • Subdural hematomas: Patients here have decreased consciousness and exhibit symptoms of a headache like pain and irritability due to small bleeding in the brain. This can deteriorate over time and seeking medical treatment immediately is advised.
  • Post-concussive syndrome: The symptoms for this last for a week as the patient starts to exhibit headaches, irritability, and the inability to focus on things. Since the symptoms of this and intracranial bleeding are the same, neuroimaging can help identify the differences and allow doctors to start the required treatment.

Assessment and Discharge

It can be a challenging task to determine the severity of the injuries to a patient and refer them to the ER, hence there are guidelines in place that doctors must follow such as CT scan guidelines and more. If the injuries are not severe (soft tissue injuries) and can get treated with home care, doctors will discharge patients with a caretaker to continue treatment at home and take rest. If during the home treatment, the outpatient condition deteriorates, they must head to the hospital immediately.

There are other types of injuries like neck pain, abdominal pain, and more that have a separate list of extensive guidelines to follow.

Besides avoiding complications down the road from a car accident, car accident victims need medical records to claim compensation to pay for the medical bills and physical therapy expenses.

To Seek Compensation from the Insurance Company

Physical therapy, medical costs, surgery, and more can be really expensive but if you were not at fault, you may be eligible for compensation. A visit to the doctor, proper treatment, complete medical reports with evaluations, and medical receipts are important for a personal injury case. Your medical insurance should provide you coverage for the damages done. But to claim compensation for things like medications, from the responsible party, you must file personal injury claims against the negligent party and show medical proof.

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