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John Michael Montgomery Sustains Broken Ribs and More in Overturned Tour Bus Accident!

Here’s How He’s Doing and What It Means for You!

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After being in a serious tour bus accident, John Michael Montgomery, who recently performed during the Kentucky State Fair at the Kentucky Exposition Center, took to Facebook to give fans an update.

Ultimate Guide to Understanding the John Michael Montgomery Bus Crash

The injury update covered himself and the other two who were injured alongside the country musician.

A Well-received Post

In a post that would receive thousands of likes, comments, and shares, Montgomery confirmed that the others were recovering from their injuries.

He mentioned he was doing well despite his cuts and broken ribs after the tour bus accident.

Difficult Situation Mitigated By a Quick Response

Montgomery, the brother of Eddie Montgomery of Montgomery Gentry, credited a quick response from the highway patrol and medics in the story of his recovery.

He also wrapped up the post by thanking all the fans who had shown support and concern after the incident.

Tennessee Highway Patrol Report

According to a recent from the Tennessee Highway Patrol, country star John Michael Montgomery is recovering after an unfortunate bus accident.

Veering off the Road

The highway report described the incident saying the bus veered off the interstate and overturned after striking an embankment.

Montgomery Injured in Serious Tour Bus Accident. What Does This Mean for the Tour?

With John Michael Montgomery injured, what happens to the tour? His next stop was meant to be Indiana on September 24.

However, there’s no word on if that will be happening as planned since the tour bus crashed and he’s currently injured.

What Performances and Songs Are John Michael Montgomery Known for?

The Kentucky State Fair is just the tip of the iceberg. Country star John Michael Montgomery performs at other huge events such as Country Thunder USA, among others.

True Classics

If you’re a fan of the genre, you may have heard hits from the country musician including “Sold (The Grundy County Auction Incident)” or “I Can Love You Like That.”

A Talented Family

Talent clearly runs in the family as Eddie Montgomery of Montgomery Gentry also has some classics under his belt including “If You Ever Stop Loving Me” and “Something to Be Proud of.”

Almost Home

The Country Thunder USA performer was nearing home when he was injured in the tour bus accident.

“Difficult situation” would be an understatement, but thankfully, the Kentucky Exposition Center has likely not seen the last of the magic that happens when John Michael Montgomery performs.

What Lessons Can Personal Injury Victims Learn from this “Montgomery Injured in Serious Tour Bus Accident” Story?

This matter saw Country Thunder performer John Michael Montgomery injured after his bus overturned.

Many times, innocent victims find themselves injured because of the negligence of other parties.

No one is saying that negligence led to Montgomery’s accident, but what about yours?

Did someone else’s recklessness leave you injured? Did you lose a loved one to such a situation?

You may be entitled to compensation if so!

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