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What Happens When A Car Hits You From The Side?

Side collisions have the most devastating impact on a human body than any other type of side impact accident (T-bone accident) from a motorcycle, bus, truck, or passenger vehicle collision leading to serious injuries. These side-impact accident injuries might take years to recover and cost millions of dollars in lost wages and personal injury-related medical expenses.

What’s surprising is that modern vehicles have protective gear like airbags to ensure that the driver receives minimal personal injuries from a side impact accident. Modern cars and trucks come equipped with a seat belt to protect drivers from rear collisions.

But many passenger buses have no safety harnesses, and seatbelts do no good for a motorcycle passenger hit by an approaching motorized conveyance. In sum, T-Bone car accidents can maim and kill others, not just the people riding inside experiencing a T-bone accident personal injury.

No such safety device exists to ensure safety from harm to occupants and drivers suffering a side impact T-bone collision, such as when another driver runs a stop sign. Chest injuries, whiplash, brain injury wounds, and may even result in wrongful death. These remain potential outcomes in a hit an run, including an exploding airbag, steering wheel head impact, and safety glass laceration case.

Arguing Fault?

Insurance companies usually dispute liability in a side-impact crash, especially with an unfavorable police report. (Example: The insurance company will claim the at-fault drivers had a green light, you will say he had a red traffic light, thereby violating Vehicle Code safety standards = disputed liability over the red light right of way in the two cars, no compensation to you and everyone else)

Hit in a Side Impact Car Accident? Ehline Law is Here to Assist

  • Types of Injuries in a Car Accident from a T-Bone Accident Side Collision
  • Causes for Side Collisions in Car Accidents by the Other Driver
  • How Much Does It Cost to Fix a T-Boned Car?
  • Should You Suffer Injuries, We Can Deal with the Insurance Company?

If you got into a side-impact car accident and got injured, contact Ehline Law and our Los Angeles car accident attorneys today for your case evaluation. At this point, who is at fault? Our experienced car accident lawyer can prove fault for side-impact collisions!

Types of Injuries in a Car Accident from a Side Collision

Many types of injuries exist that a car crash victim may suffer from if their vehicle gets hit from the side. Some of these injuries include ear, neck, back, ribs, and head injuries, among many others.

Side collisions and T bones also impact the neck area and downwards to the ribs due to the severe shock. The at fault driver is legally obligated to pay money damages compensation.

In 2007, an insurance report showed almost two-thirds of claimants with minor neck injuries in the United States experienced a side collision, an overall increase. The head doesn’t remain stable while the neck absorbs all the force, which can even lead to spinal injuries besides the neck injuries.

Side Collisions And Concussions?

Side collisions in vehicles leave most crash victims experiencing severe concussions upon impact. But not all concussions appear on impact in a traffic accident. These traumatic conditions develop slowly, causing immense pain, confusion, and losing the ability to think. Parties with liability must pay the claim.

Besides injuries, car crashes from the side also lead to severe vehicle damages from the T-bone impact. Most vehicles fail to maintain any protective harnesses or gear on the side of the car, unlike its front and back that has a bumper to minimize the impact blow (causing many concussions and head trauma).

Depending on the severity, side collisions may require replacing your vehicle rather than repairing it, pushing up the damage costs for the accident.

If suffered a no fault auto accident, contact an expert car accident attorney to look into your low speed or high impact car accident case situation. Take pictures of accident scene tire skid marks, and angle of approach. Include snaps of the object or thing causing your physical injuries / property damage.

Document the impact points, focusing special attention on vehicle driver information and vehicle license plate numbers. (Evidence to prove liability)

It’s not fair that you shoulder the losses and expenses from a car accident impact due to someone else’s negligence. It wasn’t your fault! Retaining an experienced lawyer holds the other vehicle driver responsible for medical treatment after most accidents.

Causes for Side Collisions in Car Accidents by the Other Driver

The majority of the time, impact from side collision accidents occur at an intersection. Typically, when a negligent, at fault driver doesn’t stop at red traffic lights and speeds recklessly into the oncoming traffic from the side, you have a T-bone collision impact with serious issues including injuries or death. (The brain is jarred, your neck muscles and ligaments stretch). 

However, most collisions occur don’t occur at stop signs and red light. The more common cause of when a vehicle hits another in the rear-end, or one vehicle overtakes another vehicle after overestimating their driving skills. All this negligence can result in a car crash with severe injuries to each other and their property.

More Quick Side Impact Collision Tips For Clients

When you suffer a side impact accident:

  • Get immediate medical treatment and help each other victim if safe. (ambulance to emergency room)
  • Call the police to write a police report about the car crash and party at fault. (CHP calls its police report a “Traffic Collision Investigation”; every law enforcement agency styles the report differently)
  • Take pictures of exploded air bags and the accident scene as well as witnesses and liable parties (obtain phone numbers and contact information for validation purposes and later use to testify over these T-bone accidents)
  • After speaking with a lawyer, call your insurance company and explain everything over who is at fault for your side impact car accident.
  • Get your vehicle fixed, or get it out of the repair shop to reduce vehicle storage costs.
  • Respect the healing and legal process and don’t become impatient over your accident injury case.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Car After Most T-Bone Accidents?

Side collisions, also known as T Bone accidents, can result in extremely high medical expenses depending on the severity. Besides medical bills, you’ll need property damage payments from the at fault driver to repair your type of vehicle in most side impact car accidents. Below, our injury lawyer covers everything about property damages when one vehicle hits you in the side.

Here are some of the repair/replacement costs that you may have to incur depending on the damage dealt:

  • Windows replacement: $100 – $400
  • Doors replacement: $500 – $1,000
  • Repair structure: $600 – $10,000

These average prices don’t include labor costs.

Should You Retain a Car Crash Attorney to Deal with the Insurance Company?

Without a doubt, you must retain a personal injury lawyer for legal advice and to file your lawsuit against the negligent party or parties causing the accident. The negligent party’s insurer will do everything to reduce your insurance claims in side impact collisions. De-facto, a scumbag insurance adjuster can block you from receiving fair compensation for the serious injuries sustained during your side impact car crash case.

Having an expert personal injury lawyer fight your legal battle sends a clear message in a side impact traffic accident injury insurance claim.

“The car accident victim  and their car accident lawyer remain serious about their right to receive full and fair compensation for the side impact crash.”

Our personal injury attorney may even bring insurers for the at fault drivers causing these side impact collisions back to the negotiations table.

Our Los Angeles, California, car accident attorneys evaluate side impact collisions as part of our vetting process. You might be eligible for medical payments for your concussion, and property damage payments from the at fault driver causing the side impact collision.

Clients have the right to seek payments from the other driver for pain from back injuries, head injuries, emotional trauma, and more when filing most claims for side impact crashes. We can help secure your rights to payment!

Schedule a Free Consultation With a Side Impact Collision Attorney

Our proven T-bone accident lawyers have vast experience in the ways of greedy insurance companies and bully tactics they use. Our law office determine and care for your claims. We’ll help you deal with the auto insurers for the at fault driver to recover maximum compensation on your behalf.

We know money can’t undo an accident and associatedtrauma from it, but it can force the other driver to pay your bills and get back on your feet.

Learn how we can help with legal advice for serious injury and obtain legal representation! Use our convenient website form. Leave your contact information to receive a free consultation about forming an attorney-client relationship. Contact us at (213) 596-9642 for more information on T-bone side-impact crashes and car accidents.  

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