Aug 18, 2020

White Motorist Pulled From Car And Beaten By BLM Supporters?

The Latest Motor Vehicle Attack In A Worrying Trend?

Another day, another severe issue in Portland. The Oregon city is in a riot, facing the repercussions of the bad policies of the Left compounded over a long period. Now the entire nation is paying the price. Republicans say that this is a result of coddling Black Lives Matters protesters for far too long, and we now see the results. The combination of Antifa and BLM in these cities often make them no go zones.

They also gave rise to large scale looting and rioting. We see this again this week. A mob of what democrats say are peaceful protesters and not rioters pulled a man out of his car and severely beat him. The facts related that the white man was trying to help a transgender avoid a beating and robbery. In turn the white man was attacked, chased down and pulled from his truck and beaten unconscious. In response, CNN wrote a hit piece, claiming the white man had posted social media agreeing that police abuse is bad, but that it made no sense to worship a convicted felon and armed robber, like George Floyd.

The latest peaceful attack is just one in a long string of attacks and burglaries tied with the movement. Being tied to the radical left-wing group ANTIFA, and Act Blue donor, BLM. So it is unsurprising that such attacks continue. Unfortunately, it is also a sign of the things to come and not one word has been mentioned by presidential candidate Joe Biden of their propaganda unterfuhrers at Washington Post, CNN, ABC, CBS, MSNBC or other corporate "news."

In addition to violent assaults, Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA supporters have also been tied to a number of violent assaults in major cities. As we'll see alone, this case in Portland is just one of many over the last several months. Since May we've seen a major deterioration of life and order in many of the big cities across the country. Keep reading for a legal analysis of the rights of those affected by these horrendous actions. And a bit of info on where we may head from here.

Michael Ehline is the head of the Ehline Law Firm Personal Injury Attorney, APLC based out of Los Angeles California. Ehline is a leading civil rights attorney in Southern California, known for his take no prisoners style. He is particularly concerned about the rise of extremist groups, especially in large cities. By studying the topic, Ehline hopes to shed light on some of the worst social issues our nation faces.

This is certainly the case during the pandemic. Ehline has been hard at work the last three months compiling extremist actions and attacks on our nation's cities and beyond. Some of these include the tearing down of any number of historical statues. Some include large scale rioting and looting in places like Philadelphia, Minneapolis, and Portland.

Furthermore, Ehline delves into the social pathology that creates looting of any type, including how left-wing groups create and infiltrate movements. He sees a clear tie between Marxist ideology and the rise of new groups in large cities. We hope that you will continue reading his research. For more info or to contact Michael Ehline, keep reading this site. Feel free to contact him at the number below or at

The Latest Outrage?

As cited above, the latest incident in Portland is one of a series of tragic events facing our country right now. In the lead up to the November elections, it is likely that such incidents will continue in the coming months. What is astonishing is the sheer breadth and depth of such actions. Many of the members of ANTIFA are centered around large cities, including those facing the worst riots. In many cases, the worst of the rioters are often privileged upper middle class white young people.

However, as we see from BLM, the riots and looting include many more people. Take the example of what happened in Portland. The police were clear about the incident, which included a harrowing take of what happened. Furthermore, the video of the incident leaked out. This shows the sheer depravity of the crowd and the takeover of mob mentality. All of this portends poorly for the future of the country.

Take it from what the police reported:

“Officers encountered a hostile crowd and a squad from the Rapid Response Team (RRT) responded to help secure the scene while the investigation was underway. The driver was transported to the hospital by ambulance with serious injuries. The incident is under investigation and no arrests have been made,” police said in a news release.

Not Alone In Portland.

This incident is not alone. As a matter of fact, the city finally declared the disturbances a riot. Finally, the police are acting with city support.

Police said a group from Peninsula Park marched to the Portland Police Association building, which is located about 5 miles (8 kilometers) north of the federal courthouse that had been the target of nightly violence earlier this summer. The Portland Police Association is a labor union that represents members of the Portland Police Bureau. A group of demonstrators broke into the building, set the fire and were adding to it when officers made the riot declaration just after 11:30 p.m., police said. Video shot by a journalist, and surveillance video from inside the building obtained by the police department, shows smoke and flames arising from inside the building. Officers formed a line and used flash bangs and smoke canisters to force the protest several blocks away. Demonstrators congregated at Kenton Park, where they were again ordered to disperse. Most of the crowd had left by 2 a.m., police stated.

Business owners and workers say that weakness by the state of Oregon and Portland's city government compounded these problems to create an ungovernable mess in the city. Even worse, say Trump supporters, is that it reflects a failure of leadership from the top down likely to head into other cities.

Where Do We Go From Here?

There are no easy answers here. In fact, it appears that such incidents are likely to become far more of the norm, rather than the exception. The federal government did send agents to the city, only to have the city and state ask them to leave. All told, this is an issue without an immediate solution. Law and order are needed in Portland. However, with what law and order citizens call a weak Mayor and Governor, they don't see these issues leaving anytime soon.

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