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Los Angeles Car Insurance Adjusters are NOT Your Friend as Michael Ehline Reveals:

Below, we will walk you through the evidence-gathering process and offer some tips to make a stronger case, when negotiating life-altering injuries and minor fender benders with insurers. You can trust our superior, award winning Los Angeles car accident lawyers. After a wreck, you can examine another Los Angeles law firm, but who can you trust?


Are you seeking answers after a bad accident in Greater Los Angeles, CA? Is your gut instinct telling you to hire a local car accident lawyer? Our serious injury accident lawyers are ready to assist you and your loved ones in receiving the MAXIMUM COMPENSATION under CA law.

  • Our lawyers have obtained OVER $150 million from insurance companies on behalf of satisfied clients.
  • Send us your message for a FREE CASE REVIEW now!

Hiring a professional motor vehicle accident law firm can help get you back on your feet after being involved in a contentious auto accident in Los Angeles County, CA.

Thankfully, Ehline Law Firm has a proven staff of award-winning lawyers with over 30 years of combined experience. Our Southern California Super Lawyers will expertly guide you through the mental anguish associated with the liability insurance claims process.

After a wreck, you can examine another Los Angeles law firm, but who can you trust? Let’s get into the car accident statistics and a few things you need to know.

The superb Los Angeles car accident attorneys at Ehline Law Firm have a proven track record administering serious and fatal Los Angeles car accident claims throughout L.A. County. Call us today at our (213) 596-9642 phone number if you were in an accident in Los Angeles to schedule your free consultation.

The after-effects of car accident cases can be a scary start-point. You can become disabled, in severe pain, and unable to attend work while paying exorbitant medical costs.

Why Hire a Car Accident Attorney?

You may wish to handle your car accident claims alone. But it’s wise to have a car accident attorney handle your case. A Los Angeles car crash lawyer can help you with all common car accident injuries.

Leadership and Convenience

Our top auto accident lawyers will explain everything step by step in detail.

Los Angeles Car Accident Statistics

Motor vehicle accidents are among the leading causes of serious injuries, with ongoing medical care in Los Angeles, California. (See statistical data from the California Highway Patrol (CHP), and the California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) about car accidents.)

Most recent year data calculations show more than:

  • 3,904 persons were killed, and
  • 277,160 persons were injured in car accidents.

We’re ready to help you get the best legal assistance possible. Our car accident lawyers maintain multiple fully-staffed offices throughout the United States with complete shuttle service.

We can assist with your car accident claim throughout California in Orange County locations like Santa Ana or travel to the Woodland Hills, Bakersfield, and 29 Palms.

Proven Track Record

We have the trial advocacy know-how and the money to win auto accidents as follows:

  • Vast knowledge of all relevant CA laws
  • Expertise in determining the worth of your case
  • Your attorney can help you seek fair compensation
  • Member of Consumer Attorneys Association
  • Settlement negotiations experience.

A car accident lawyer can be your best friend in your fight against the deplorable insurance company. By hiring us, you can protect important legal rights and financial interests.

About Our Attorney Awards, Reviews, and Accolades

  1. The Southern California Super Lawyers Rising Star award was awarded multiple times to Michael Ehline from 2006-2015.
  2. Newsweek Magazine awarded us its “Premier Personal Injury Attorneys” award in 2015.
  3. CNN interviewed Michael Ehline about cruise ship law, and he was a guest on NBC discussing limousine law practice areas. Michael was also interviewed by Nancy Grace on CBS, discussing his expertise in California dog bite law.

Our years of experience can help you hold all the negligent parties held liable for causing your damage

*Member – Consumer Attorneys Association

Subsequent to a major or minor Los Angeles car accident claim with catastrophic injuries, crash victims must understand a few car accident laws to protect their legal rights. The process starts at the accident scene.

Suffering a car accident can be disastrous. Recovering from serious car accident injuries will often be a ghastly, lengthy, and costly process for your financial resources.

Losing your job coupled with expensive medical treatment from car accidents can ruin families and force their loved ones into bankruptcy court. For the best possible outcome, you must hire the right personal injury attorney for guidance and counsel.

Car accident survivors with personal injury claims may be entitled to receive maximum financial compensation. Damages may cover attorney’s fees, medical expenses, lost wages, pain, suffering, and other damages. A free initial consultation with us can help you learn your rights from a superior car accident lawyer in Los Angeles.

Do you want help to file a car accident lawsuit? Don’t make the mistake of doing so without the best car accident lawyer by your side.

After most motor vehicle accidents you will have medical expenses and lost wages. You may have paid some medical bills out of pocket to cover your personal injuries and property damage.

At Ehline Law Firm, our Superior car accident attorneys in Los Angeles have vast experience fighting Uber, Lyft, or a government agency. Our skilled lawyer fights on behalf of Southern California accident victims on a contingency basis.

For new accident victims, receiving a no-obligation, risk-free legal consultation is paramount. You mustn’t waffle or procrastinate seeking legal representation.

Contact our Los Angeles auto accident attorneys when car accidents happen to recover compensation before your time runs out.

We’ve Handled Hundreds of Car Accident Cases!

Our auto accident lawyers have previously handled your common car accident injuries. Discover more about that unique practice area similar to your car accident claim, including intersection accidents. Click on one of the links to find out how Ehline’s top car accident lawyers can assist injured clients.

According to LAPD data, 236 car accident fatalities in 2019 alone. If your loved one was a victim, you might want to consider seeking a free consultation for:

  • Uber/Lyft Ridesharing Accident
  • Food Delivery Vehicle Crashes
  • Truck Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents (a rear-end collision can be fatal)
  • Pedestrian Accidents.

How Should Car Accident Victims Handle a Claim?

Want to learn the secrets of the best car accident lawyers before filing a personal injury lawsuit? You must first prove the other driver’s negligence and cause of injuries with evidence.

Here are some personal injury law tips for dealing with severe injuries in the aftermath of automobile accidents.

1. File Prompt Car Accident Claim

People can suffer traumatic brain injuries or wrongful death even in minor car accidents. Official investigative police reports from the crash site can help the entire legal process with the insurance claims adjuster.

After calling an ambulance, promptly make an accident report over hit and run accidents or injury accident claim after an illegal u-turn as follows:

  • By law, injury victims and the at-fault party are required to report auto accident cases that cause physical injuries or $1,000 in total property damage.
  • Typically, the CHP or local police are phoned and come to the scene to perform a traffic collision investigation.

CAVEAT: The accident victim should not report the claim to the collision insurance agent until talking to a car accident lawyer!

2. Seek Prompt Medical Assistance

Suppose you were injured in a car accident in Los Angeles. In that case, it is vital to seek a medical evaluation from medical professionals by taking an ambulance to the ER or Urgent Care Center.

The most common injuries suffered, including internal hemorrhaging, whiplash soft tissue cases, and back injuries, might become apparent sometime after a car accident.

Other Common Injuries?

  • Wrongful Death
  • Whiplash Injuries
  • Other Spinal Cord Injuries.

Even if you think you are ok, once the adrenaline wears off, pain management may become impossible with permanent injuries. You may need medical assistance, painkillers, or surgery to prevent further injuries.

Synopsis: Proving someone else’s negligence in most car accidents includes proving what caused injuries. You need authentic medical documentation. Auto accident lawyers in Los Angeles can explain the car accident case to our clients.

We’ve helped thousands of clients recover millions; eager to assist you on a contingency fee basis.

“Our top car accident lawyer offers confidential legal counsel via a free consultation 24/7 when you call us. Our personal injury law firm is available anytime to answer important questions for new clients.” – Ehline Attorneys at Law – Accident-Personal Injury Firm

3. Gather and Record Related Evidence

All prosperous personal injury lawsuits require a solid foundation of relevant evidence. To recover maximum compensation, swiftly secure and document relevant information to help negotiate any car accidents later.

Among other things:

  • Snap smartphone images of the accident scene, including traffic signals, vehicles involved, injured parties, etc.
  • Obtain the contact info of any witnesses.
  • Gather the name and insurance information of all drivers involved in the wreck.

4. Consult with Los Angeles Car Accident Law Offices

Consult with an experienced car accident lawyer when you are physically capable. In most cases, during your free consultation, we can perform a detailed claims investigation.

After signing a retainer, our top auto accident attorney will fight to obtain the full and fair financial compensation you rightly deserve.

Our Premier Car Accident Law Firm Has Secured Over $150 Million in Settlements and Verdicts

  • $8.7 Million California Car Accident Settlement.
  • Details of the case: Settlement for military veteran motorcycle accident versus a work vehicle causing a brain injury.

See More Sample Case Results in wrongful death cases and others.

Statute of Limitations to Sue?

Under California law, car accident victims generally have two years to file a personal injury claim from the date of the collision. If you were hurt in an accident and fail to file your claim on time, your case will likely be dismissed. (government agency rules are usually six months to make a claim)

There is no excuse to procrastinate: you must swiftly contact an experienced car accident attorney in Los Angeles once you are physically able after any Los Angeles car accidents.

Proving Liability in a Car Accident Case

California is NOT a No Fault Insurance State. So other drivers, or at fault parties must be found legally liable for negligently or recklessly causing your wreck AND car accident injuries.

Negligence Defined: A person’s failure to behave with the prudent level of care an ordinary person would have used under the same or similar circumstances in Los Angeles, CA.

Some Examples of Negligence?

Tip: Sometimes Caltrans may be liable for negligent traffic signal phasing, etc.

Here are some other examples:

  • Parking Lot Collisions
  • Inattentive Texting
  • Unsafe Left Turns
  • Head On Collisions
  • Hit and Run Crash
  • Speeding Accident
  • Unsafe merging
  • Product Defect
  • Failure to yield
  • Rollovers.

Next Steps Involved?

Don’t expect the at-fault party to admit liability. To prove negligence, crash victims will need compelling supporting evidence. In some cases, at-fault drivers may own up to their culpability for the wreck. It’s best to speak with an auto accident lawyer before you start.

Cases similar to yours won’t result in the same settlements. Different types of people and facts mean different outcomes.

If you sustained injuries, you must contact a local car accident lawsuit expert to help you prepare a persuasive legal argument.

Understanding Pure Comparative Negligence

Some jurisdictions follow the last clear chance doctrine, meaning unless the defendant could have avoided the accident, the defendant must be 100% at fault. But California follows a fairer comparative fault system. Multiple defendants could end up embroiled in court proceedings with”joint and several liability” when determining fault for the same Los Angeles car accident. (Commercial trucks may have several owners, making not just the driver accountable, etc.)

Comparative negligence rules operate to reduce the plaintiff’s financial recovery by their partial percentage of fault. Luckily, if the survivor caused 98% of the vehicle crash, they could still collect a 2% share of the award.

“My free consultation with Ehline’s lawyers gave me supreme confidence … attorneys were within easy reach.”

“My free consultation with Ehline’s lawyers gave me supreme confidence these Los Angeles, CA attorneys were within easy reach. Their compassionate Southern California team promptly returned my calls 24 hours a day, and on weekends. Michael Ehline helped manage my medical treatment and kept me in the loop while he fought to obtain money from the insurance company from the at-fault driver.

My family and I were thoroughly impressed with Michael’s skillful handling of the deplorable insurance adjuster (total jerk). We were flabbergasted with the large settlement we received on a contingency fee basis.” – Gabriel Ortega.

See More Client Testimonials

Damages In a Typical Personal Injury Claim?

Unlike a criminal case, no jail time is sentenced in a civil court claim. After reviewing evidence, determining party fault, and other investigations, receiving a favorable insurance company payout or jury verdict in court remains the next step.

Your legal right to damages could include the following:

  • Economic damages: Includes special damages like medical bills for post-traumatic stress disorder therapy and surgery, ruined personal items (property damage), and lost wages.
  • General damages: The severity of your injury greatly affects your non-economic damages for pain and suffering damages values.
  • Punitive Damages: Sometimes, courts will award punitive damages in rare but reprehensible situations.
  • Demand Package: Next, our experts send an insurance settlement demand letter to the insurance providers, laying out financial goals.

TIP: Don’t delay receiving a medical assessment and treatment for positive changes.

You may be entitled to monetary damages for the following:

  • Lost past, present, and future income
  • Nursing care services in the home
  • Physical therapy expenses
  • Emergency doctor bills
  • Permanent disability
  • Reduced well-being
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Property damage
  • Disfigurement.

Our Los Angeles car crash attorney will gather information and tally up the maximum damages available to seek for your case with personalized attention.

Safe Los Angeles Driving Tips

Follow the road safety example of other responsible drivers as follows:

  • Keep three seconds of space between the lead vehicle
  • Leave early for your destination
  • Pay attention to road conditions
  • Buckle up with seatbelts
  • Avoid bad weather
  • Obey traffic and road rules.

Contact the Best Los Angeles Car Accident Attorney At Ehline Law

Are you or your loved one seeking a Los Angeles car accident lawyer? We’ve won millions. Our best lawyers are devoted advocates for injured car accident victims.

We have helped many victims with lost income, broken bones, and other expenses discover their legal options. If you or your family member wish to claim against the responsible party, call us for a risk-free, confidential case review.

It is in your best interest to pick up your phone to receive the personal attention you deserve from a caring, listening advocate. Contact our legal team to learn about forming an attorney-client relationship and complete representation at (213) 596-9642.

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    Affirmed in Favor of Respondent Leslie Stuart (Representing)

Michael Ehline

Michael Ehline is an inactive U.S. Marine and world-famous legal historian. Michael helped draft the Cruise Ship Safety Act and has won some of U.S. history’s largest motorcycle accident settlements. Together with his legal team, Michael and the Ehline Law Firm collect damages on behalf of clients. We pride ourselves on being available to answer your most pressing and difficult questions 24/7. We are proud sponsors of the Paul Ehline Memorial Motorcycle Ride and a Service Disabled Veteran Operated Business. (SDVOB.) We are ready to fight.


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