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Trucking and Drinking is a Serious Matter:

The truck after it got an accident on highway
The truck after it got an accident on the highway

Truck accidents involving a driver under the influence are always seen in the news.

In one case an agent got arrested for public intoxication while on a secure transport mission in 2007. In another incident, two others got detained. Also, this was after they were in an event at a bar on their route.

Why is DUI/DWI While Trucking a Big Issue?

Drinking and drugs are a problem on every level. So Los Angeles trucking accident attorneys deal with these all the time. Ehline Law lawyers have even seen these even at the national security level. But intoxicated tractor-trailer drivers hauling ordinary loads often go unnoticed.

Regulations enforced by the D.O.T. dictate employers are responsible for substance testing employees. Also, other workers have duties requiring a high level of safety. This regulation is 49 CFR Part 40.

So this article details how documentation of the testing and the results should get achieved. But the testing is mostly done using urine samples. Also, the process of testing and materials used to get outlined.

Who is Responsible for DUI Truckers?

Companies employing workers and drivers have a high level of responsibility. This according to federal regulations. First off, they must make sure that substance testing gets done correctly. Also, the results must get properly recorded.

Alcohol and the most popular drugs are always a problem. But legal products can cause wrecks also.

What Legal Substances Can Cause Wrecks?

Truck driver fatigue can lead to the use of energy drinks to reduce fatigue. But this can be very dangerous.

In fact the:

Department of Transportation agents pulling tractor trailers over will look for energy drinks. And if there are energy drinks in the auto, this could be used against the vehicle handler in court. Also, this is particularly the case if truckers get involved in a crash.

So to recap, out of the hundreds of thousands of semi collisions every year in the U.S.,  some are the result of travelers intoxicated or high on drugs as discussed above.

These are often unavoidable as they are unpredictable for the conditions. According to studies:

  • Approximately one-fifth of people will get involved in drinking-related accidents. When this involves a commercial truck, the results will be major injuries or fatalities.

Lawyers usually win these types of cases. Lives are unalterably changed. The better lawyers get you more money, so be careful who you retain.

Do Not Under Estimate Our DUI Trucking Accident Knowledge:

Have you or a loved one become injured or died due to a chemically impaired operator? Whether it was alcohol, drugs, or energy drinks, our attorneys have the experience.

Also, we have the resources to ensure you recover the compensation you deserve. Our firm is available 24/7 at (213) 596-9642. But you can also visit our webpage by clicking here.

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