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Date Modified: March 31, 2023

Vape Explosion Attorneys Helping Victims Across California

Were you or someone you love scarred or badly wounded by a faulty E-cigarette device in Fresno, San Francisco, Los Angeles, or Orange County, California? I am an award-winning e-cigarette explosion lawyer, Michael Ehline.

Below, my Los Angeles e-cigarette explosion accident legal team and I will share the hidden secrets and some battery knowledge to keep you safer. Will will expose what large companies don’t want you to know about vape pens when compared to a product liability claim over traditional cigarettes.

I will also explain how you can get back on your feet and get paid for things like medical attention and other bills after a deadly vape explosion. You can also get a free initial consultation today with one of the best e-cigarette explosion accident attorneys in Los Angeles by calling (213) 596-9642.

Either way, in the end, I will explain the benefits of forming an attorney-client relationship for all e-cigarette explosion accidents in California. The use of lithium-ion battery-powered vapes or vape pens has shot up exponentially over the years.

In particular, teens and recreational/medical marijuana consumers have been purchasing vape pens, causing a widespread increase in vape explosions. Medical bills associated with these e-cigarettes can include facial reconstructive surgery and long-term burn center treatments, with highly addictive pain medication after explosion events.

Many manufacturers have declared or inferred that vaping is safer than burning tobacco or plant material into inhalable smoke. Even a run-of-the-mill personal injury attorney will probably shy away from making a product liability claim, wrongfully believing you assumed the risk by using e-cigarette devices, including any property damage to the pen itself.

These are not the law offices you should hire. Keep reading. We will cover all the myths below and can discuss more during a free consultation today.

What Does Science Say About E-Cigarettes?

Actually, many scientists have stated that the overall health dangers from exploding vape pens are far more destructive than many consumers originally believed. Vape pens represent an entirely new type of personal injury claim related to tobacco and inhalable narcotics. Many aspects related to the vape pen device are often overlooked, leading to e-cigarette explosion cases in Los Angeles.

If you suffered injuries, you will probably be dealing with lost wages and costly out-of-pocket expenses you did anticipate. So the question is, did you voluntarily assume the risk of being laid up in the hospital with gruesome facial scarring or even blindness? No, and here’s why.

Reasonable Consumer Expectation Test

Although tobacco is a known carcinogen and cancer-causing agent, it remains legal. Many people chew tobacco as they believe it is less harmful than burning it. This is the same logic with vaping behind e-cigarettes. So yes, it’s deadly, but it’s also legal. The safety of the delivery device used to get the nicotine, THC, or other products ingested in the human bloodstream is at issue.

Under the consumer reasonable expectation test, consumers have a right to expect the products they consume and buy on the market are safe and sane to use. Here, we know the product itself can kill. But we also know regular cigarettes don’t cause smokers to suffer serious injuries to their face and lips when use as expected. But this is not the case with lithium-ion batteries used to power vape devices.

We have seen an explosion in news stories about lithium-ion batteries causing catastrophic fires and explosions on aircraft, in a person’s pockets, and elsewhere. Because of this, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, hoverboards, and other products fail when their lithium-ion battery overheats. As with all potentially fatal products, it’s important to keep a receipt of purchase.

Faulty batteries are causing severe burn injuries to vape consumers.

E-cigarette lithium-ion batteries are known to catch fire or explode. At least 134 cases have been reported to the Food and Drug Administration, but thousands more have gone unreported. California product liability law protects consumers from faulty products and provides the legal means to pursue the parties responsible for your injuries suffered in a vape explosion.

E-Cigarette Explosions and Lithium Ion Battery Powered Cigarette?

The breaking news about consumer lawsuits is that legal action brought by a plaintiff against a defendant in a court of law through opposing lawyers or attorneys over e-cigarette explosions is now on an international stage.

E-cigarettes are quickly becoming one of the most popular recreational items in use today.

  • Sadly, this is especially the case among young people, who often see it as a healthier alternative to tobacco consumption. Kids also love the colored, flavored vape pens, as they appeal to their sense of childhood.

However, e-cigs are often just as dangerous as traditional forms of smoking. Some people learned this the hard way recently.

Besides Internal Health Problems, E-Cigarettes Can Explode?!

The Guardian reported on a case in France where a man’s e-cigarette exploded in his pocket. In fact, one high-profile case made it all the way to CNN.

  • In that case, a New York City man’s pants exploded due to his e-cig.

What Are The Causes And Remedies For E-Cig Injury Cases?

E-cigarette explosions are often caused by their:

  • Lithium-ion batteries are exploding. So this seems like a familiar sight. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 blew up due to its faulty batteries of the same type. These types of cells can ignite due to many causes.

These Factors Can Include:

  • Faulty design and manufacture
  • Improper warnings about use
  • Overcharging
  • Modifications and damage.

All of these above issues create a hazardous situation for e-cig smokers. Although this alternative is becoming more popular, such problems are not adequately addressed.

  • What About Failure to Warn Users of Risks?

There are many risks that manufacturers are not warning the end-user about.

  • For example, many manufacturers of e-cigs have still not issued comprehensive warnings about the risk of battery explosions.

Many people learn about the danger by turning on the news.

How Do You Get Compensation For Medical Bills, Etc, After E-Cig Injury?

If you become injured due to an e-cig explosion, there are options open. The Ehline Law Firm in Southern California has fought and won for consumers before. We’ve fought for injury victims who did not adequately notify dangers and those that sold defective products with the usual electrical safeguards, like vaping devices. The firm’s seen it all. We don’t let anyone slide, massive business profiting from your pain as you endure expensive medical care and time-consuming physical therapy. So if you got injured due to an e-cig explosion, there are options open we can talk about during a risk and cost-free case evaluation.

What Steps Will Ehline Law Firm Take to Win You Money?

The Ehline Law Firm in Southern California has fought and won for consumers before.

  • We will challenge the manufacturers and marketers of these defective products, even a foreign company in the chain of commerce. We will seek money for your medical treatment, and in some cases, can find ways to pay for it upfront.
  • We also find long-term care and ways to make up for lost work and happiness.

Discuss E-Cig Explosions During a Free Consultation With a Vape Pen Personal Injury Attorney

Please call or email us today for more information or to schedule a free, no-pressure consultation. We are near the phone or computer 24/7 and will fight for you until the job gets done in any exploding vape pan case. We don’t ask for a cent unless we recover for you over your defective vaping device.

Getting maximum financial compensation for your severe burns and disfigurement caused by an exploding battery is a risk-free phone call away.

We will do everything possible to maximize your personal injury compensation from all sources, including the manufacturer of the battery, not just the reseller. You can use our online contact form to learn more or telephone a superior Los Angeles injury attorney today at (213) 596-9642.

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